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What is Area Code? An area code is Called Telephone Area Code, Dialing Code or Calling Code is a three letter prefix that people recognize as the long distance dialling code. In many cities of Canada, the codes have overlapped the previously allotted codes, relocated or even split upon the increase of the population and the telephone users in the country.

Area codes in Canada are used to call to cities from other countries. There has been a significant use of Google Map service to know about a precise location in detail. The code directory is the best way to check the area codes because they make use of Google Map to determine the location and is pretty accurate.

905 Area Code Ontario 905 Canada
SL No. City Province Country Postal Code
11 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0A3
12 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0A4
13 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0A5
14 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0A6
15 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0A7
16 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0A8
17 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0A9
18 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0B1
19 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0B2
20 Cobourg Ontario Canada K9A 0B3

What is Post Code> A postal code is called Post code or Zip code This is a special code allotted to all the postal stations. Every postal station has different codes and people are required to fill the right postal code when filling up the address to get their letters or couriers delivered without any issues. It is a 6 character alpha numeric unique code for every area and helps in determining the location for sending the mails, couriers and parcels. You can visit at Canada Post website i.e Find a Postal Code to search the Respective postal code to your cities or area

About Candada Post (Canada Postal Corporation)

Canada post is a primary postal service in Canada, which was founded in 1867. The corporation is responsible for the majority of postal services of the country. A postal code needs to be present in the address on the package, which is out to get delivered to another location. Area-Codes.net provides information about all the postal codes and area codes in Canada. The website also shows Google Map of all the cities to show the right location based on the postal code. For precise information about postal codes and area codes, log on to www.area-codes.net.

The postal codes in Canada are managed by the Canada Post Corporation (CPC). The corporation provides a link between the codes and their standard Canadian geographic locations, which makes it easier to use the data. There are several associations used between the standard geographic areas for mapping, analysis, data retrieval or profiting. Postal codes are used to determine the location of the recipient of the package or mail in the easiest and quickest way.